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EU Blue Card salary threshold 2017

20 December 2016 The salary thresholds for 2017 to obtain a permit as a highly skilled migrant, EU Blue Card, and an intra corparate transferee permit (based upon the EU ICT Directive) are published.

The following gross monthly salary thresholds apply as of 1 January 2017 (threshold is exclusive 8% holiday allowance):

EU Blue Card: € 5,066

Highly Skilled Migrant from 30 years and older: € 4,324

Highly skilled migrant younger than 30 years: € 3,170

Foreign nationals graduated in the Netherlands (orientation year): € 2,272

Intra Corporate Tranfer work permit (Based upon EU ICT Directive): € 4,324.

Applications that are filed before 1 January 2017 are assessed under the 2016 salary threshold. The 2016 threshold is also applicable in these situation whereby the application is filed before 1 January 2017 and the foreigner travels to the Netherlands and receives his permit card in 2017.


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