"In 2018 19,840 permit applications for highly skilled migrants were filed. The top three nationalities of work permits granted are: India, USA and China."

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Benefits Highly Skilled Migrant Program

Under the Dutch Highly Skilled Migrant Program the threshold salary is significantly lower. 

EU Blue Card applicants have to earn a gross monthly salary of at least € 5,567 (exclusive 8% holiday allowance), which comes down to an annual salary of at least € 66,804 (exclusive 8% holiday allowance). There is no age differentiation.
Under the Highly Skilled Migrant Program applicants aged 30 years or older, need to earn a gross monthly salary of at least € 4,752 (exclusive 8% holiday allowance), amounting to an annual salary of at least € 57,024 (exclusive 8% holiday allowance). For applicants younger than 30 years of age, the salary threshold is a gross monthly salary of at least € 3,484 (exclusive 8% holiday allowance), which is a gross annual total salary of € 41,808 (exclusive 8% holiday allowance). For applicants who have studied in the Netherlands, or graduated from an university in the top 200 of the world, the threshold is € 2,497 (exclusive 8% holiday allowance), which is an gross annual salary of € 29,964 (exclusive 8% holiday allowance).
A diploma of post-secondary education program of minimum duration of 3 years is not a requirement for the highly skilled migrant permit. Only the threshold salary must be met, provided the agreed salary is market level in the Dutch job market.
Disadvantage of the Highly Skilled Migrant Program is that the employing company first must become a 'recognised sponsor' before it can file highly skilled migrant visa and permit applications.  
In general the admission procedure for the highly skilled residence permit is faster. The decision takes 2 weeks. While a decision upon the EU Blue Card shall be made as soon as possible, and at the latest within 90 days of the application being lodged. Please note, if the EU Blue Card employer is also a ‘recognised sponsor’, the application procedure also only takes 2 weeks.