In 2021 and 2020 we are awarded as the best law firm in the Netherlands in terms of client satisfaction.

In 2021 and 2020 we are awarded as the best law firm in the Netherlands in terms of client satisfaction.

EU Blue Card: conditions

The EU Blue Card (in Dutch: Europese Blauwe Kaart) is a residence permit for highly qualified employment of third country nationals in the European Union. The EU Blue Card Directive is implemented in Dutch immigration legislation. Applications for the EU Blue Card can be submitted either by the employer or the employee. The following criteria must be fulfilled:


A valid work contract or binding job offer of at least one year. The validity of the EU Blue Card is connected to the duration of the work contract: if the work contract is for 3 years, the EU Blue Card will be issued for a period of 3 years.

The EU Blue Card can be issued for a maximum duration of 4 years. It is possible to renew the EU Blue Card after this period, provided there is still a work contract and the salary threshold is met.

The work contract has to be concluded with the company in the Netherlands.


The agreed salary has to be at least the threshold set by the individual Member State. The threshold in the Netherlands is a gross monthly salary of € 5,867 (exclusive of 8% holiday allowance) amounting to an annual gross salary of € 70,404 (exclusive 8% holiday allowance).

Professional qualifications

The EU Blue Card applicant must have succesfully completed a post-secondary higher education program of at least three years: a Bachelor or Master degree. The educational program must be in line with the function and role that the EU Blue Card applicant will perform in the Netherlands.

The Bachelor or Master degree must be the equivalent of a Dutch Bachelor or Master. To show this, a foreign degree must be evaluated by the Dutch organisation IDW (International Credential Evaluation). A copy of the degree together with the IDW evaluation report must be submitted with the EU Blue Card application. The degree has to be evaluated prior to filing the EU Blue Card application. Foreigners graduated at a Dutch university can submit only copy of their diploma.

Valid passport

The applicant must have a passport. The passport has to be valid for at least 6 months when filing the application.

Not pose a threat to public policy, security or health

The applicant shall not pose a threat to public policy, security or health. Overstaying of a previous visa and the registration thereof in the Schengen Information System is not a reason to reject the application.

Submittance of application

If the applicant is a national from a country which needs a entry clearance visa (in Dutch: machtiging tot voorlopig verblijf, MVV), the application can only be submitted when the applicant is residing outside the Netherlands. However, nationals from Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, United Kingdom and the USA are exempted from the MVV visa requirement.

A MVV is also not required for holders of a valid Dutch residence permit, the holder of an EU Blue Card in another Member State, or the holder of a EU-long term residence permit in another EU Member State.

A decision on the application for an EU Blue Card shall be made as soon as possible and at the latest within 90 days of the application being lodged. If the employer is a sponsor recognised by the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service, a decision will only take 2 weeks.The employer can file the application in the Netherlands, or the employee can file the application at the Dutch representation at his or her country of origin / residence. If the foreigner is already in the possession of a Dutch residence permit, e.g. a highly skilled migrant permit (kennismigrant), it is also possible to apply for a change of residence permit into EU Blue Card, provided the conditions are met.Click here for application form for the EU Blue Card for companies that are recognised sponsor and here for non recognised sponsors.

The application can be sent to:

Immigratie- en Naturalisatiedienst

Postbus 5

9560 AA Ter Apel