"Favourable conditions for family reunification and for access to work for spouses should be a fundamental element of the EU Blue Card."

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EU Blue Card Government filing fees reduced

2 January 2019 The government filing fees for the EU Blue Card are lowered in 2019 from € 582 to € 285. The government fee for the renewal application of the EU Blue Card is also €285. The fee for the dependent partner to stay with the EU Blue Card holder is raised per 1 January 2019 from € 240 to € 271. The fee for a dependent child is raised from € 51 to € 57. Click here to have a view on the complete government filing fee list.


Highly Skilled Workers: ‘Netherlands popular destination country’

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European Commission critical on ‘golden visa’ schemes

31 January 2019 The European Commission has presented a ‘ Report on Investor Citizenship and Residence Schemes in the European Union ’ on 23 January 2019....